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Corporate Sponsorship In Public Schools

The Future of Corporate Sponsorship: What Can Be Done

The Basics: Definitions and FAQ
Examples of Sponsorship in Schools
The Future of Corporate Sponsorship: What Can Be Done
Links and References
The Pros and Cons to Sponsorship

lSchools should be picky when deciding what type of sponsorship they accept. Here are some guidelines to choosing the proper sponsorship opportunities to fit your school's needs:
Accept sponsorship through the America’s Schools program or the PTA program, which allows corporations to channel funds to schools without the appearance of direct corporate sponsorship. These programs allow schools to accept sponsorship without turning into a commercialized institution.
Schools should also negotiate for the best sponsorship opportunity possible. If your school is interested in using corporate sponsorship as a form of supplemental funding, keep these guidelines in mind:
* Set specific educational goals for sponsorship.
* Design a school policy on commercial activities inside the school and involving the school district.
* Research each company’s past interactions with schools and communities.
* Network and share information with other school districts to help determine what companies worked and what companies did not work.
* Seek contracts that guarantee the school’s and district’s satisfaction with no penalties for early withdrawal.