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Corporate Sponsorship In Public Schools

The Basics: Definitions and FAQ

The Basics: Definitions and FAQ
Examples of Sponsorship in Schools
The Future of Corporate Sponsorship: What Can Be Done
Links and References
The Pros and Cons to Sponsorship

Here's what you need to know about Corporate Sponsorship...

There are FOUR main types of sponsorship:
1. Direct Advertising: corporations give money or goods in exchange for rights to hang advertisements on school property. This includes posters, flyers, etc. EXAMPLE: hanging Nike posters in the locker room.
2. Indirect Advertising: corporations give educational materials in exchange for positive advertisement. EXAMPLE: Microsoft giving 100 computers to school.
3. Product Sales: most popular form of sponsorship; usually involves exclusive contracts. EXAMPLE: Pepsi-co providing all vending machines and fast food in cafeteria.
4. Market Research: corporations give money in exchange for information about students' and parents' spending habits. EXAMPLE: students filling out surveys in class or study hall.

Corporation: A legal creation authorized to act with the rights and liabilities of a person; a business.
Sponsorship: A business that pays the cost of goods or services in return for advertising.

Sponsorship Versus Donation
In a sponsorship: there is usually a contract between school and business; it is a legal transaction.
In a donation: there is no contract; business can expect nothing back in return for donation.