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Corporate Sponsorship In Public Schools

Examples of Sponsorship in Schools

The Basics: Definitions and FAQ
Examples of Sponsorship in Schools
The Future of Corporate Sponsorship: What Can Be Done
Links and References
The Pros and Cons to Sponsorship

These are some real world examples of sponsorship in public schools:

Sheboygan, Wisconsin:
The school recently sold off the naming rights to two of their kitchens within the high school. Now named Kohler Credit Union kitchens, the school earned $45,000 from the sale.
lNewburyport, Massachusetts:
A school within the city is offering naming rights to the principal’s office for $10,000; the auditorium for $100,000; and the English classrooms for $5,000 each.
lNew York City:
The Board of Education signed nine-year, $53 million contract with an advertising agency that allows advertising on school buses. Because of this, sponsors like Burger King and Sprite have their advertisements on school buses throughout the city.

Historically, sponsorship is a relatively new option in school funding. No one knows the long-term ramifications of corporate sponsorship in public schools, but please head to the "Pros and Cons" page to learn more.

Soda and Vending Machines in Schools:
a good funding option
a bad habit for students?

Soda and vending machine sales in schools is a hot topic right now. Many critics say schools should only offer healthy food choices to counter the childhood obesity epidemic. Yet, exclusive vending machine and soda contracts create a funding option for schools so that more funds are available for programs throughout the year.

lCover Concepts Marketing Services:
This company pays over 8,000 public schools nation-wide to distribute book covers to students for free. The book covers are filled with advertisements from companies such as Footlocker and Pepsi.
lLifetime Learning Systems:
This company is similar to Cover Concepts; it exposes 16 million students to advertisements from companies such as McDonald’s, Nike, and Hershey.